Main charactersEdit

  • Nick Persons, Suzanne's husband and Lindsey and Kevin's stepfather. He is the show's lead protagonist. New to marriage and fatherhood, Nick is an ex-athlete who works in technology. As the only child of an eccentric mother, he possesses solid family values and a strong work ethic. He used to own a sports paraphernalia store, but he recently sold the business to his best friend, Martin.
  • Suzanne Kingston-Persons, Nick's wife and Lindsey and Kevin's mother. She is a modern woman with a career and love for her family. As a newlywed and the mother of two, she is trying to juggle family and career while also trying to have a little fun. She is a successful event planner known for her creative edge and attention to detail. She has a childish wit. She often blames Nick for everything bad.
  • Lindsey Kingston, Suzanne's daughter, Nick's stepdaughter and Kevin's older sister. At 14, Lindsey is a typical teen girl who loves spending time with her friends and is attached to her cell phone. She has a strong bond with her parents and little brother, but she would prefer to hang out with friends instead of family. She often gets in trouble and she and her brother often blackmail each other.
  • Kevin Kingston, Suzanne's son, Nick's stepson and Lindsey's younger brother. He is an avid soccer fan and can regularly be found watching his favorite player on TV. He also has a great interest in technology and computers. Smarter than his 10 year old friends, he is as precocious as he is lovable. He has asthma. He loves to find his way around the rules. He really wants to be the center of attention.
  • Martin "Marty", Nick's best friend and owner of Nick's former business, a sports paraphernalia store. He's a lovable rogue who is single but dating. Quick dialog from an episode implies he may have once had a relationship with Suzanne's friend, Gigi. He enjoys life and his friends. He help Nick with any problems with Suzanne.
  • Gigi, Suzanne's co-worker and best girlfriend. Always ready for a good time, she is frequently jetting to the hottest parties in and out of town. She convinces Suzanne not to always blame Nick so much.
  • Marilyn Persons, Nick's mother, Suzanne's mother-in-law, and the kids' new step-grandmother, but not a typical grandmother. She is constantly on the go and not available for babysitting. Nick is her only child, so she has to adjust to his new life as a husband and father.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Terrence Kingston, Suzanne's civilian paramilitary brother, Nick's brother-in-law and the kids' uncle. Because he works for a private security firm, he is very secretive. He is protective of his only sister and uses every opportunity to remind Nick that he better be good to her, even by threatening to kill him. One of the running gags of Terrence is when he yells, "What's that?",and the person he is talking to will look away and will look back to see him disappear and hear the door slam.
  • Frank Kingston, Suzanne's ex-husband, and father of Kevin and Lindsay. Frank neglected Kevin and Lindsay and is seen throughout the show trying to reconcile with the family, but isn't trusted by either Suzanne or Nick.