Kevin Kingston-Persons
Gender Male
Age 12 / 13
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Frank Kingston

Suzanne Kingston-Persons
Nick Kingston-Persons (stepfather)

Lindsey Kingston-Persons
Other Information
First Appearance
  "Hyphenated Name"
Portrayed by
Coy Stewart

Kevin Franklin Oren Kingston-Persons is the tritagonist of Are We There Yet?. He is Suzanne's youngest and only son, Lindsey's younger brother, Nick's stepson, Terrence's nephew, and Marilyn's step-grandson.Terrence Sr and Yati grandson.


Kevin is an avid soccer fan and can regularly be found watching his favorite player on TV. He also has a great interest in technology and computers. Smarter than his 10 year old friends, he is as precocious as he is lovable. He has asthma and loves to find his way around the rules.

Kevin really wants to be the center of attention and is usually jealous of Lindsey. This would often lead to fights and arguments between the two. However, despite these altercations, the two truly love each other deep down.


  • Kevin is sometimes thought to be the secondary tritagonist of the series.


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