The following is a list of the epsidoes/cast of Season 1.


No. in
No. in
Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code U.S. viewers
1 1 "The Hyphenated Name Episode" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi June 2, 2010 101 3.2
Nick is bothered by Suzanne wanting to keep her ex-husband's last name in addition to keeping his last name.
2 2 "The Credit Check Episode" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi June 2, 2010 102 3.3
Nick wants to buy a new car for work, but gets a hard time from Suzanne about their tight budget. Meanwhile, Kevin and Martin unknowingly compete in a tennis multi-player video game via the internet.
3 3 "The Day Off Episode" Ali LeRoi Luisa Leschin June 9, 2010 103 2.6
Suzanne experiences a day away from her professional duties, but she doesn't seem to know what to do with herself during her free time; Nick comes to the decision that the children need to spend more quality time with his mother, Marilyn (Telma Hopkins).
4 4 "The Soccer Episode" Ali LeRoi Jason M. Palmer June 9, 2010 104 2.7
Nick attempts to bond with Kevin but struggles to understand exactly what his step-son sees in the international sport of soccer; Suzanne becomes concerned about Lindsey and decides to use the internet to figure out more about her lifestyle.
5 5 "The Rat in the House Episode" Ali LeRoi Luisa Leschin June 16, 2010 105 2.6
Kevin watches over a friend's pet rat that suddenly gets loose in the house, With a scared Nick trying to catch it. Meanwhile, Suzanne becomes concerned that Gigi is a bad influence on Lindsey.
6 6 "The Booty Episode" Ali LeRoi Jason M. Palmer June 16, 2010 106 N/A
Nick gets in trouble with Suzanne after neglecting to tell her that he visited a sexually suggestive pirate-themed restaurant named Booty (à la Hooters). Meanwhile, Lindsey and Kevin pester Suzanne about their allowances.
7 7 "The Viral Video Episode" Ali LeRoi Adam Lorenzo June 23, 2010 107 2.2
A video of Suzanne dancing to the song "Baby Got Back" hits the web due to Kevin leaving his webcam on. Meanwhile, Marilyn teaches Lindsey how to cook soul food.
8 8 "The Michele Obama Sweater Episode" Ali LeRoi Adam Lorenzo June 23, 2010 108 N/A
Suzanne forbids Lindsey to use her credit card to buy a Michelle Obama sweater online. She then goes behind her back and asks Nick to help her get the sweater. Meanwhile, Martin asks Kevin to pretend to be a disadvantaged orphan in order to get an autographed Alex Rodriguez bat.
9 9 "The No Nah Nah Episode" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi June 30, 2010 109 2.1
Nick feels inadequate about making love to Suzanne while the kids are in the house. Suzanne assumes from Nick's behavior that he is cheating on her. Meanwhile, Martin tries to determine the age of his teenage-looking girlfriend.
10 10 "The Get Together Episode" Ali LeRoi Ali LeRoi June 30, 2010 110 2.4
Nick arranges a get together with his friends and family. Terrence invites a woman he met at a bank hostage and Kevin invites his birth father, Suzanne's ex-husband, Frank (Charlie Murphy), unbeknownst to everyone else.

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