Suzanne Kingston-Persons
Gender Female
Age 30s
Professional Information
  Mother and party planer
Friends and Family
Marilyn Persons (mother-in-law)
Terrence Kingston
Nick Kingston-Persons
Kevin Kingston-Persons

Lindsey Kingston-Persons

Gigi and Martin
Other Information
First Appearance
  "Hyphenated Name"
Portrayed by
Essence Atkins

Suzanne Kingston-Persons is the deuteragonist of Are We There Yet?. She is Nick's wife, Kevin and Lindsey's mother, Gigi's best friend, Terrence's younger sister, and Marilyn's daughter-in-law.


Suzanne is a modern woman with a career and love for her family. As a newlywed and the mother of two, she is trying to juggle family and career while also trying to have a little fun. She is a successful event planner known for her creative edge and attention to detail.

Suzanne has a childish and slightly ditsy wit.

She often blames Nick for everything bad, only to learn the truth in the end and apologize for blaming her husband.


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