Gender Male
Age 39
Professional Information
  Secret agent
Friends and Family
Suzanne Kingston-Persons

Nick Kingston-Persons (step-brother-in-law) Kevin Kingston(nephew) Lindsey Kingston (nicce) Suzanne Kingston (sister) Terrence Kingston Sr (father) Yati (mother)

Other Information
First Appearance
  "Hyphenated Name"
Portrayed by
Ice Cube

Terrence is the main, but semi, antagonist of Are We There Yet?. He is Suzanne's civilian paramilitary brother, Kevin and Lindsey's uncle, and Nick's step brother-in-law.


Because he works for a private security firm, he is very secretive.

Terrence is quite protective of Suzanne and tells Nick that he'd better be good to his sister or else he'll threaten him. One of Terrence's running gags is when he points at nothing and asks, "What's that?" and the person he's talking to will look away and then look back to hear the door slam and see him nowhere in sight.


He is able to snap people's neck in 2.3 seconds. Martial Arts (POSSIBLE)

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